Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bars 225mg

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  • 39 calories
  • 4g sugar per serving
  • Net Wt 22g
  • Peak Effect: 60-90 mins
  • Gluten Free

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bars 225mg: Punch Edibles Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar holds 225mg of munchy, chocolate flavors mixed with potent medical properties that give way for a relaxing body high that leaves users feeling happy and locked to the couch. The perfect treat to take when enjoying a day with friends or a quite evening at home.


Our 9 Piece grid allows each patient to adjust their desired dosage with ease.
25-225 mg make this bar perfect for beginners as well as those that require a heavy dose

 39 calories, 4g sugar per serving, Net Wt 22g

Peak Effect: 60-90 mins

* Gluten Free


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