Taking Marijuana Edibles gives you one of the most phenomenal highs possible. Although they can take an hour or two to kick in, the effects are much stronger than when you smoke weed and they can last for hours on end. Plus, with many different kinds of edibles, you have more than enough choice and there’s truly something for everyone.

Edibles come in all shapes and sizes, from tasty chocolates to baked goods. Edibles can also differ in what they contain- some are packed with THC whereas you can also get purely medicinal CBD edibles that won’t get you high. So what are the different kinds of edibles and which should you use? Here’s a guide.

Marijuana Gummies

Of the many different types of edibles available on the market today, marijuana gummies are probably the most popular. These can come in all different forms from regular gummy bears to sour worms, all taking on the taste and flavor of popular childhood candies. Not only do they taste good, but you can also get a great high for either recreational or medical purposes.

One of the main benefits of THC gummies is that they make it extra easy to control your dosage. Edible gummies are usually split into small servings of 10-20mg of THC per gummy. If you want to test out the effects without going too far, you only need one 10mg candy. If you want a stronger high, you can take two or three instead.

There’s a huge selection of marijuana gummies available in different shapes and flavors. Faded Edibles come in Fizzy Colas, Cherry Bombs, Peach Drops, Sour Gummy Bears and many other flavors. Other options include the Twisted Extracts Apple Jelly Bombs (Sativa)Twisted Extracts Black Cherry ZZZ Bomb (Indica), and Tetra Bites Gummy Candies.

Marijuana Gummies

Marijuana Chocolates

If you prefer something a bit different to gummy candies, you can also find many different kinds of marijuana chocolates. These come in the form of delicious chocolate bars and treats infused with THC. You can get all kinds of flavors from regular milk chocolate to mint chocolate bars.

Chocolate bars also make it fairly easy to get the dose of THC you want. You can split them up into squares, each with the same level dose of THC. If you want milder effects, you can also cut them up into smaller pieces and microdose them.

The Sesh Edibles Chocolate Bar comes in multiple varieties including Dark Chocolate, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Milk Chocolate, each with 250mg of cannabis extract. Those Happy Chocolates Chocolate Bars are available in Chai, Mint, Raspberry or Dark Chocolate flavors, with 225mg of THC split into 15mg squares.

Baked Edibles

You can also get marijuana edibles in the form of your favorite baked goodies. For instance, you’re probably familiar with the classic pot brownies and marijuana cookies, but you can also get unique baked marijuana treats such as rice crispy cakes and flapjacks. These kinds of edibles use cannabis-infused butter to give you an incredible high in a delicious form.

Baked edibles usually contain a lot of THC, so you’ll want to split them up before eating. For instance, if you get a brownie with 50mg of THC, you might want to split it up into four squares for a more manageable dose.

One of the best options to try is Ed & Bill’s Rice Crispy Square. These tasty THC-packed cakes are delicious, and with 100mg of THC in each $12.50 square, you can split them up and get tons of uses out of just one. You can also buy the Ed & Bill’s Rainbow Rice Crispy Square with added rainbow chocolate pieces.

Baked Edibles

CBD Edibles

THC Edibles aren’t the only kinds of edibles you can enjoy. If you want to enjoy tasty cannabis-infused snacks without getting such an intense high, you can opt for CBD Edibles as an alternative. CBD Edibles are non-psychoactive, meaning they won’t get you high or give you any intoxicating effects. However, they’re great for medical users.

CBD Edibles can help with all kinds of medical symptoms including pain, stress, anxiety, depression, seizures, muscle spasms, migraines, and a lot more. Usually, a 25mg dose will give you some nice relieving effects, although it won’t feel anything like THC.

You can find CBD Edibles in all the same kinds of forms you’d usually find marijuana edibles. For instance, instead of THC Gummies, you can use Twisted Extracts CBD Peach Jelly Bombs, containing 10 candies with 10mg of CBD each. Alternatively, try out the Those Happy Chocolates CBD Chocolate Bar packed with 150mg of CBD in 15 squares.

1:1 Edibles

Having a hard time choosing between THC edibles and CBD edibles? Luckily, you don’t have to. One of the most interesting kinds of edibles you can buy are 1:1 Edibles. These treats contain a level dose of THC and CBD in each serving. That means you’ll get potent medical effects along with the typical recreational high of marijuana.

These edibles are ideal for those who want to use marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes. They’ll still get you high, but you get a plethora of medical benefits along with it. Some mixed edibles also come in different ratios, such as 3:1 THC to CBD or vice versa. However, 1:1 Edibles are ideal for balanced effects.

If you want to get a mix of both THC and CBD, try out the Twisted Extracts 1:1 Orange Jelly Bombs. Each gummy contains 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, making it easy to manage your dose and get the effects you want.


Whether you want a powerful recreational high, a mild medical high or purely medical effects, there are many different kinds of edibles to suit your needs. You can also choose between gummies, chocolates, baked goods, and other kinds of foods and drinks.

It’s easy to buy edibles online. But if you can’t find the edibles you want, you can even make your own marijuana-infused goodies by either cooking your favorite cannabis strains into butter or adding cannabis tinctures to your foods and drinks.

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